Midsingles Wards List

**Midsingles Magnet Wards**

(These wards are Magnet Wards [or Mixed Midsingles/Family Wards] for Midsingles where all 30-something singles in the stake [including their children if they are single parents], can all attend the same existing family host ward together.) See the Midsingles Magnet Ward Outline for how Midsingles Magnet Wards work.

Meeting times and addresses can be found by typing the ward name (and not including the word Midsingles) http://bit.ly/findaward

Coronado Ward Midsingles, Tucson Arizona North Stake
Hidden Valley Ward Midsingles, Tucson Arizona East Stake
Desert Hills Ward Midsingles, Scottsdale Arizona North Stake
Solomon Ward Midsingles, Mesa Arizona South Stake

Boulder Creek Ward Midsingles, Mesa Arizona Boulder Creek Stake
(technically not a Magnet Ward, but has a Midsingles “Group” within the Boulder Creek Ward)

Little Flock Ward Midsingles, Rogers Arkansas Stake

–California (Northern)–
Saratoga Ward Midsingles, Saratoga California Stake
Sunset Ward Midsingles, San Francisco California West Stake

–California (Southern)–
Atherton Ward Midsingles, Long Beach California East Stake
Long Beach 4th Ward Midsingles, Long Beach California Stake
Simi 4th Ward Midsingles, Simi Valley California Stake
Arlington Ward Midsingles, Riverside California Stake

Hickory Hills Ward Midsingles, Lenexa Kansas Stake

Ann Arbor 2nd Ward Midsingles, Ann Arbor Michigan Stake

Kearney 1st Ward Midsingles, Liberty Missouri Stake
Republic Ward Midsingles, Springfield Missouri South Stake

Broomall Ward Midsingles, Valley Forge Pennsylvania Stake

Green Hills Ward Midsingles, Nashville Tennessee Stake

Coppell 3rd Ward Midsingles, Carrollton Texas Stake
Lakewood Ward Midsingles, Dallas Texas East Stake (starts May 3, 2015)
Summerwood Ward Midsingles, Houston Texas Summerwood Stake (starts March 15, 2015)

Glen Allen Ward Midsingles, Richmond Virginia Stake

–Washington State–
Elliott Bay Ward Midsingles, Seattle Washington North Stake
Federal Way Ward Midsingles, Federal Way Washington Stake (starts June 7, 2015)
Tiger Mountain Ward Midsingles, Bellevue Washington South Stake

–DC Metro/Northern Virginia/Maryland–
Chevy Chase Ward Midsingles, Washington DC Stake
Carrollton Ward Midsingles, Silver Spring Maryland Stake
Oak Marr Ward Midsingles, Oakton Virginia Stake

**Traditional Midsingles Wards**

(These wards are solely for singles ages 31-45. While their ward boundaries cover a wide geographical area and anyone in the age range is welcome to attend their activities, the traditional Midsingles Ward’s drawback is that only Midsingles without children or non-custodial parents can have their records in these wards.)

Meeting times and addresses can be found by typing the ward name (and not including the word Midsingles) http://bit.ly/findaward

Pacific Beach Ward, San Diego California North Stake
Glendale 9th Branch, La Cresenta California Stake
East Bay Ward, Oakland California Stake
Heritage Park Ward, Irvine California Stake
Huntington Beach SA Ward, Huntington Beach California Stake
Stanford SA Ward, Menlo Park California Stake

Chicago SA Branch, Chicago IL Stake

Charles River Ward, Cambridge Massachusetts Stake

Las Vegas SA Ward, Las Vegas Spring Mountain Stake

–New York–
Manhattan SA Branch, New York New York Stake


**Salt Lake County Midsingles Wards**

Granger SA Ward, Salt Lake Hunter Cooperhill Stake (starts June 21, 2015) 
8059 W 2700 S Magna, UT 1pm – 4 pm 
(boundaries for the new Granger SA Ward include the stakes in the Granger Regional Single Adult Coordinating Council: Granger, Granger East, Granger North, Granger South, Granger West, Hunter, Hunter Central, Hunter South, Hunter Cooperhill, Hunter West, Magna, Magna South, Magna Central, Magna East) 
Granger SA Ward Boundaries

Holladay SA Ward, Salt Lake Winder West Stake (starts January 25, 2015)
4551 S 1200 E, Millcreek, UT 1pm – 4 pm
(boundaries include the following stakes in the Millcreek and Holladay areas: Canyon Rim, East Millcreek, East Millcreek North, Holladay, Holladay North, Holladay South, Millcreek, Mt Olympus, Olympus, Wilford, Winder, Winder West, Valley View)
holladay ward boundaries

Monument Park 19th Ward, Salt Lake Monument Park Stake
** For 2015, MP19th now meets on the U of U Campus, 1928 East South Campus Drive, Salt Lake City. 1 pm – 4 pm (Sacrament now first, SS, Priesthood/RS)**
(boundaries are generally 2100S north to Davis County line)

Parleys 7th Ward, Salt Lake Parleys Stake
(boundaries are generally 2100S to 6200S)
**Note new meeting address and time. P7th now meets at the Granite Stake Tabernacle, 2005 South 900 East, Salt Lake City. 1:45 pm – 4:25 pm (Sacrament, SS, Priesthood/RS)**

Union Fort 9th Branch, Midvale Utah Union Fort Stake
(boundaries are generally 6200S south to Northern Utah County)
** For 2015, UF9th now meets on the U of U Campus, 1928 East South Campus Drive, Salt Lake City. 9 am – 12 pm (Sacrament now first, SS, Preisthood/RS)**

**Outside the SLC**
Alpine SA Ward, Alpine UT North Stake
Bloomington Hills 7th Ward, Bloomington Hills Utah Stake
Bountiful 8th Ward, Bountiful Utah Heights Stake
Cedar City SA Ward, Cedar City Utah Canyon View Stake
Logan SA 1st Ward, Logan Utah South Stake
Logan SA 2nd Ward, Logan Utah South Stake
Oak Hills 8th Ward, Provo Utah Oak Hills Stake
Sunset 12th Ward, St George Utah Sunset Stake
Sunset Heights SA 1st Ward, Orem Utah Sunset Heights Stake

Meeting times and addresses can be found by typing the ward name (and not including the word Midsingles) http://bit.ly/findaward

Riverside SA Ward, Riverside Utah Stake (starts June 21, 2015)
(new boundaries include the following stakes: Ogden Burch Creek, Ogden East, Ogden Pleasant Valley, Ogden, Ogden Weber Heights, Ogden Weber, Riverdale, South Ogden, Washington Terrace East, Washington Terrace West)
1175 W 5500 S Riverdale, UT 1-4 pm (Sacrament, SS, Priesthood/RS)

Potomac Ward, Mount Vernon Virginia Stake

Lake Ontario Ward, Brampton Ontario Stake
**Regular (non-magnet) Family Wards that have a Midsingles Sunday School Class**
(By definiton, most Midsingles Magnet Wards in the listing above also have a Midsingles Sunday School class)

Meeting times and addresses can be found by typing the ward name http://bit.ly/findaward

Ashland Ranch Ward, Gilbert Arizona Greenfield Stake
Evergreen Ward, Tempe Arizona Stake
Westwood 1st/2nd Wards, Los Angeles California Stake
Wilshire Ward, Los Angeles California Stake (held monthly)

Calgary Alberta South Stake also offers a Stake-wide Midsingles Sunday School Class after regular block of meetings (3rd Sundays, held monthly)… 2:30 pm, Sundance Chapel, 100 Sunpark Dr NE, Calgary, AB T2Y 3R9

**De facto Midsingles Wards**

(These wards are classified as regular family wards, but due to ward boundaries, are overwhelmingly if not entirely attended by 30-something Midsingles)

Slate Canyon 11th Ward, Provo Utah Stake
Slate Canyon 13th Ward, Provo Utah Stake
Slate Canyon 15th Ward, Provo Utah Stake
Over the age of 30-something Midsingles, or prefer to attend all-age Single Adult Wards? Below are a list of Single Adult Wards.

Meeting times and addresses can be found by typing the ward name http://bit.ly/findaward

All-age 31+ Single Adult Wards that skews “younger-ish” where a fair or large percentage of the ward are 30-something Midsingles (and/or 40s Singles)

As of July 2013, there are no all-age 31+ (31-101) Single Adult Wards in the LDS Church. Currently there are only Midsingles Wards ages 31-45 (singles only or Magnet Ward approach), and a few areas also have Magnet Wards for 45+ Singles. (see list below)

Magnet Wards for 45+ Singles
As an FYI, similar to Midsingles Magnet Wards (see list above), there are also now Magnet Wards for 45+ Singles as well — where all 45+ Singles in the same stake (or region) can attend the same existing family ward together.

Woodland Park Ward, Los Altos California Stake
Red Hill Ward, Orange California Stake

26 thoughts on “Midsingles Wards List

  1. This info is good for those living in the above listed areas, but is there anything within a 3 hour or less drive of El Paso, Texas?

    • Donald, feel free to also check out the list of local Midsingles Facebook Groups Page on this blog sorted geographically. Even though some areas don’t have a Midsingles Ward, or Midsignles Magnet Ward, they may have ongoing Midsingles activities, that you can participate in.

      In know in the past, Las Cruces NM has some Midsingles activities. As well as Albuquerque.

      Since currently El Paso does not have an El Paso Midsingles Facebook Group, why not take the lead and start one (so people can find you), and you work within your stake to start unofficial or official Midsingles activities? Something to consider.

      But definitely it’s worth it to check out the bigger Midsingles Conferences that are happening across the country.

  2. I appreciate this blog since I’m considering a move and I’ve found this helpful. Thanks! Wanted to share the good news that there is now a mid-singles magnet ward in MI. It’s the Ann Arbor 2nd Ward of the Ann Arbor Stake. Just started about six months ago.

  3. Pingback: Ask A Friend: I'm Aging Out Of The Single's Ward And Feel Like A Failure | Single-Minded Determination

  4. On September 28, 2014 the new Alpine Singles ward will be created. Church begins at 1:00 pm at the Highland Heritage Park chapel at 10390 Alpine Highway, Highland UT 84003 (near the corner of Alpine Highway and 104th South. This will be the first ward in north Utah county and initially involves the Alpine, Highland, Cedar Hills and Pleasant Grove Manila stakes. Please come join us.

    • Is this a Midsingles Magnet Ward (Mixed Midsingles Ward) or a traditional Midsingles Ward (singles only ages 31-45) ? Does the ward have a name?

  5. Hi, how accurate is this info? I’m 39 & live outside of Portland where the mid singles scene is tiny and faces opposition from regional leadership. Self employed, I’m ready to pick up and go anywhere I stand a chance at meeting and dating.
    I headed to Arizona from Oregon this past winter and while I met some great new fiends, found no mid singles wards. I was informed that the one that had been there was disbanded a year or more ago. Talks of a new one were rumored. Happy to get more involved to assist updating this list if needed.

    • This list is being updated on a monthly basis. Tempe Arizona a few years ago had a traditional Midsingles Ward (singles only), Elliot Grove Ward, that got disbanded.

      But times have changed, and Scottsdale now has a Midsingles Magnet Ward. and soon Tempe will have a Midsingles Magnet Ward (currently has its own Midsingles Sunday School Class). In Mesa there’s a Midsingles group that meets together…

      More and more areas are forming traditional Midsingles Wards or Midsingles Magnet Wards since the inclusion of the Midsingles age range 31 to 45 being mentioned in the Church Handbook 2, Section 16.1 since July 2013.

    • I agree Utah totally needs Midsingles Magnet Wards, but currently there are no Midsingles Magnet Wards in Utah. Single parents with kids at home, stay in their family ward, and can attend Midsingles activities, and/or visit the Midsingles on their “off” weekend.

  6. Can I attend the 31-45 singles ward if I’m 26? I am divorced-no kids but I feel very uncomfortable in the younger singles ward.

    • I am sure you can visit. Just ask the local Midsingles Ward Bishop his thoughts on the subject. Some Midsingles Wards allow the Older YSAs to transfer their records over, while other Midsingles wards don’t allow records to be transferred until you are 31.

    • Currently there are no Midsingles Wards in the state of Colorado. More areas in Colorado are starting to have Midsingles activities, but no Midsingles ward as of yet.

  7. I live in West Jordan 6800 S and Redwood and I don’t have any idea which midsingle ward I need to attend. Someone can help me?

  8. I moved to Utah. I live at 900 west 200 North in Provo. I am looking for a single word between 30 to 45 years old. I will also be attending the Byu in Provo. Which single ward I belong? I really apreciated your help. Liz

  9. I have been looking for a Midsingles WARD located in Sacramento and surrounding areas with no results. I have asked the Bishop with no reply, I have asked the Stake President with no reply, I have looked on the Net with no solid answer as to a Midsingles “WARD” to attend. Can anyone tell me if there is a Midsingles WARD close by? I live in Citrus Heights, CA to be exact.

    • The Midsingles Ward list is current, and so there are no Midsingles Wards in the Sacramento Area. The nearest Midsingles Ward to visit would be the East Bay Midsingles Ward in Concord.

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